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Project idea for Mother's Day

Although this project is very quick and easy to make, it takes a long time to dry. If you start now, you will be finished in plenty of time to make this hanging decoration for your mom.



I thought this would be a wonderful project for you kids to make for Mother's Day. It takes a long time to dry, so you will need to put it away in a safe place for a while, but will be ready in plenty of time if you start soon.


You will need:



Toilet roll tubes - 1 or 2
Craft scissors
ModPodge or acrylic sealer
Sheet of clear plastic or transparent wrapping paper
Embellishments such as flowers, sequins, glitter

Here's how:



1. Cut your toilet roll tubes into thin strips of 5 centimetres wide. You can make any shape - mine is a flower shape. You also need a circle for the centre of the flower.

2. Place your cut out shapes onto a piece of clear plastic. This will provide a backing for your design.

3. Pour in a small amount of ModPodge or acrylic sealer.



4. Use a toothpick to gently stir the sealer into any corners and also to remove trapped air bubbles.

5. You also need to pour a small amount of ModPodge or sealer into areas between the centre and the petals, so that everything will be joined together once dry.

6. Now you can add your embellishments - not too many - and leave it to dry for a few days.



You will know when it is dry because it won't be white anymore - it will be transparent and clear.


7. With your scissors, and very carefully, trim away any pieces around the outside of the shape so that it looks nice and neat.

8. Use Sticky Dots to attach a ribbon to the back so that mom can hang up over the kitchen or bathroom window.