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How to propagate rosemary

I have quite a few Rosemary bushes in the garden, not only do they look good, but I love to add a spring of Rosemary to roasts and salads. Growing Rosemary doesn't require any special gardening skills and it seems to grow with only regular maintenance. Buying Rosemary plants, however, can be expensive.


A small Rosemary shrub can cost anywhere from R30 upwards depending on the size. But you can so easily propagate new plants from a single shrub. Just take your cuttings from a healthy plant and make sure you can new growth, as you don't want the cuttings to be too woody or it will take a lot longer.

Pull off the leaves at least one third of the way up the stem and then dip the ends of the rosemary cutting into rooting hormone - you can skip this step but I’ve found that it really speeds up the process.

Pop your cutting in a glass of water and place in a sunny spot. I had 12 jars lining my bathroom window sill all winter. In a few weeks you should begin to see roots coming from the bottom of your cutting. I felt like mine took forever to get roots but just as I was ready to give up, they rooted like crazy.

My mom does this all the time and she thinks the rosemary roots quicker if the cutting is resting on the bottom of the jar, not floating. Also, be sure to change the water every four or five days.

Once you have a strong root network established you can plant your cuttings in pots watch them take off. This technique works equally well with lavender cuttings.

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