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Great garden party ideas

With our fantastic climate, a garden party now and again is a must - even if you have the tiniest garden! There’s nothing better than relaxing in the sun with your nearest and dearest. But the most exciting part of a garden party is setting it up, because you can have so much fun with the décor.


When setting up for an outdoor garden party your first consideration should be the comfort of your guests. Make sure to incorporate lots of cushions and provide plenty of shade if you are holding the party during the early afternoon.

To create shady spots you can either put up patio umbrellas, or hang a light piece of fabric between some trees, or from hooks on the outside of your wall and a couple of poles hammered into the ground. For a more permanent fixture, think about adding a shade structure or pergola using gum poles. Put down blankets underneath to create an area perfect for post-feast naps.

Next turn your attention to the food and drinks. You don’t want to be in the kitchen more than at the party, so create a meal / snack station, as well as a drink station.

Put silverware in painted flower pots and tie plates together with a piece of ribbon.

To keep drinks cool, fill galvanised buckets with ice and then push bottles in-between the ice. The ice will eventually melt, but keep the bath in the shade to slow down the process.

Dress up the table with a brightly coloured runner that stretches the entire length of the table. Glass bottles filled with water and fresh flowers will make for beautiful centrepieces and are a nice change from traditional flower arrangements. Placemats can be as easy as putting down doilies with round cut-to-size pieces of glass on top.

Now let’s take a quick look at seating. Putting out garden furniture away from the table will create a relaxed spot to sit and chat. Colourful ribbons tied to the back of chairs will make the chairs look amazing!

Your garden should be ready to wow guests at this point. The final touches could be one or two outdoor games and a garden path to lead guests to the party area. This can be made easily by putting down jam jars filled with flowers or anything else that will catch their attention. In the evening, swop the contents with tea lights to light up the pathway. Add more light with paper lanterns or any of these clever ideas.

Turn plastic flower pots or large aluminium cans into attractive outdoor lighting in a flash. All you need are a couple of pots, a hook in the bottom of the can (which becomes the top of the light), some chain to hang and some tap lights glued onto the inside - easy!

You can even use fabric or wicker baskets to the same effect. Because you are using tap lights you don't have to worry about electrical supply, and the lights are switch on and off simply with a light tap!

You will find a selection of tap lights at your local Builders Warehouse.

Now you can sit back and enjoy the party!