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Eco-friendly wood care products

As we look for eco-friendly products to use in and around the home, it's encouraging to know there are manufacturers that continue to strive for this goal. Plascon is one of those manufacturers, and the new Plascon Woodcare range is proof that you don't have to compromise on quality when using eco-friendly Woodcare products.


The satisfaction of transforming a beautiful piece of wooden furniture that has been weathered by the elements (or by time) to its former rich and natural glory, is sometimes spoilt by the effort that has to be expended to achieve the final result.

Plascon has made restorations easier with the introduction of an eco-friendly Woodcare Restoration Range formulated to help eliminate damaging effects caused by the likes of mildew and mould, as well as greying and grime. Plascon has launched the Woodcare range to protect interior and exterior wooden surface and, as more forests are being destroyed to create more of these goods, Plascon realised the need for a product range to help specifically with woodcare restorations. The Plascon Woodcare range allow peoples to restore their wooden furniture, decks and general household wooden surfaces from a number of damaging effects in a simple, step-by-step manner. The old adage ‘Out with the old and in with the new' doesn't hold true.

Plascon's Woodcare Restoration range consists of four unique water-based, biodegradable products: Woodcare Coatings Remover for Wood, Woodcare Cleaner & Brightener, Woodcare Weathered Wood Restorer and Woodcare Wax and Oil Remover for Wood. Together, they are a formidable do-it-yourself restoration team that gives that rich, lustrous look back to wooden surfaces.

So whether it's stripping paint or varnish off an antique armoire, revitalising an outside pool deck or bringing the shine back to a rather dull piece of furniture, Plascon's Woodcare Restoration Range is the easiest, and most affordable solution for all wooden surface restoration projects. All products are also available in 1 litre and 3 litre packs for bigger projects.


This fully biodegradable, non-flammable product is ideal for removing urethanes, water-based acrylic paints, alkyd paints, varnish, 2-component epoxy coatings and fusion bonded epoxies from wood.

It is low odour, easy to clean up and will not burn skin.


For those looking for a cleaner and brighter surface, this bleach-free product is used for removing mould, tannin, mildew, grime, water and rust stains. By removing chalky oxidised surface build-up, the wood is brightened and restored. It is safe to use on treated lumber and exotic wood.


This product can restore wooden surfaces that are exposed to the outside elements, by removing grey wood fibre, mould, mildew and water stains. It rejuvenates wooden surfaces by removing deteriorated fibres.


For those looking to restore the natural beauty of wood, the Wax and Oil remover is the ideal solution. It removes semi-transparent stains and solid colours as well as grey weathered wood, mould, mildew, tannin bleeding and water stains from wooden decks, fences, log homes and gazebos. It is safe to use around surrounding vegetation if pre-wetted prior to application.


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