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Give your dining room a makeover

Fresh from the fashion runway, aqua blue, cocoa, and tangerine provide a tasty colour palette for this dining room.


Fresh from the fashion runway, aqua blue, cocoa, and tangerine provide a tasty colour palette for this dining room. Start bold with shades of blue on the walls, vinyl floorcloth, and window shade. Layer on cocoa in lengths of toile clipped to rods for no-sew curtains. Add punch with bold ribbon wrapped around the table, a chandelier spray-painted silver and topped with painted shades, and tangerine accessories.

Style Setter

A sweet piece, such as this flowered dessert plate, can inspire an entire colour scheme and guide the direction of a makeover. This floral pattern, fashion-forward in a fresh colour, triggered the search for other updated classics, such as the toile pattern that appears in the curtain fabric.

Design Tip:
Pay a little more for dessert plates in a dynamite pattern and mix them with budget-smart dinnerware.

It's a Wrap

Add personality to a plain piece of furniture with this easy project. Wrap ribbon around the apron of a table and hold in place with double-sided tape. It's so simple, you'll be embarrassed to accept the rave reviews - but go ahead anyway.

Cushioned Landing

A ready-made seat cushion marks the spot with newly covered buttons and a ribbon X.

Follow the simple directions on a covered button kit, stitch through the cushions to attach the buttons, and tie 2cm-wide ribbons around their shanks.

Colourful Collecting

Support the theme with a fun collection of updated classics, such as the plastic platter with a stylized bird design.

Collections offer the perfect avenue for adding the season's favourite hues - here, tangerine and aqua - to a basic palette. Want to change your colour preferences? Just refresh the cabinet's contents.

Now You See It

Add details that make your collection shine. That's the trick behind covering the back of this cabinet with wrapping paper in a subtle pattern and colour. To make this a temporary treatment, spray the back of the paper with removable adhesive or attach fabric using clear plastic tacks.

For a shabby-cheap collection, splurge on one great find and shop the Internet and discount stores for no-name companion pieces in coordinating colours or patterns.

Forgotten Treasures

Rescue a tired brass chandelier with a coat of silver spray paint. If the chandelier is wired in place, loosen the top plate, protect nearby surfaces with plastic sheeting and masking tape, and spray-paint. To make the lampshades, coat the shades with two layers of gesso (tempera paint primer) so paint won't bleed through. Paint a pattern in two blue hues, then add dots of taupe, white, and blue using the rounded end of an artist's paintbrush.

On The Flip Side

Our floorcloth is simple to make because it starts with a scrap of vinyl flooring cut to any shape or size using scissors. Turn the piece to the back side, prime, and paint with a base coat. Sketch your pattern using contrasting chalk, then use crafts paint and loose brushstrokes to add the final details.

Private Matters

When your budget won't bear the cost of pricey window treatments, consider this: Our toile fabric was reduced 60 percent at a discount fabrics store, and the vinyl shade cost less than R100.

For a no-sew window treatment, press under the fabric sides and top, and attach clips to the top edge for hanging.

To make the shade, paint bold stripes using standard paint and masking tape. For a soft finish, thin paint 1:1 with acrylic matte medium and lightly brush the thinned paint lengthwise and crosswise on the shade to mimic fabric.


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