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Hair clip organiser for a little miss

Rummaging around in boxes looking for hair clips each morning was becoming time consuming and frustrating.  Little Miss is very particular, she knows what she wants to wear and if she cannot find what she is looking for, let's just say that our mornings don't run as smoothly as they should.


Paint a canvas - you can see that I added a few colours to mine. I did two coats, then popped a few strokes of white and grey over the top, then added a final coat of the orange. Using a staple gun, attach a variety of pretty ribbons around the canvas.

Use thumb and notice board tacks across the front of the ribbon to stop it from sagging once clips are hung on it. I did a combination of beige circles, gold stars, and apricot flowers (it's what I had on hand). Next use eye screws and pretty ribbon along the top for hanging. Make a little sign to go up the top.  I used a small scrapbooking frame that came with gold brads.  I switched out the brads for small gold screws, printed the 'clips' sign from my computer onto patterned scrapbook paper, and used glue to attach it to the back of the frame before screwing it on. And there you have it.  A hair clip organizer.


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