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A flock of socks

I often used to watch my children when they were small. They would be given a present and be more interested in playing with the box than the gift! Small children as fascinated by the most practical - as long as it piques their imagination.


The only things sweeter than itty-bitty baby feet may be those itty-bitty baby socks - always outgrown or missing their match long before they're worn out. Give them new life as an easy-to-make mobile that you can hang over a crib, a changing table, or even a new big-kid bed.

You will need:

5 baby socks
Fiberfill (batting) stuffing
Small beads and a needle
5 small felt triangles
1 metre of narrow ribbon
Embroidery needle
30cm embroidery hoop

Here's how:

1. To make each bird, stuff a sock just up to the ankle with fiberfill. Tie a piece of thread securely around the toe, about 1cm or so from the end, to make the head. Use another piece of thread to tie off the tail as shown. Sew on the bead eyes (or draw them on with a permanent marker). Then sew or glue on a felt triangle beak.

2. To hang the flock, cut the ribbon at varying lengths. With the embroidery needle, thread a section of ribbon through the back of each bird. Knot together the loose ends and trim them. Then loop the ribbons around the hoop so the birds hang down. To keep the ribbons from sliding, you can attach them to the hoop with a dab of Prestik. Hang the mobile with three additional loops of ribbon (be sure it hangs out of your baby's reach).



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