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Make a Barbie house

With the focus on eco-friendly building, this dollhouse uses the new Xanita X-Board instead of conventional board products - to create a dollhouse that sets an example! The dollhouse is easy to assemble, and because of its lightweight design, it can be carried to any location and easily packed away when not in use.


You will need:

2 x Xanita X-Board 1300 x 3000mm (
Craft or Stanley Knife, plus replacement blades
Steel rule
*Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Spray – Sweet Pea and Grape
*Rust-Oleum Stone Spray
12 x Plastic corner brackets and covers
Glue gun and glue sticks
3m Melamine edging strip

Here's how:

1. Refer to the diagram above for cutting out the shape of the dollhouse. This section needs to be cut as one piece.

2. Use the craft knife to cut down the marked lines for each section. You will only cut through the top board and padding. Fold along cut lines.

3. Lay the board on a flat surface – face up – and spray with Sweet Pea.

4. Use a steel rule and a cup to draw the shape of the windows and cut out with the craft knife. Repeat this process for the door to a height of 300mm. Score along one side of the door and fold. Mask off around the door area and spray with Grape. Remove masking tape once dry.

5. The roof section measures 500 x 900mm. Mark the centre one the length and draw a line across. Use the craft knife to score along the centre line through the top board and padding. Fold over along the cut line.

6. Spray the top of the roof with Rust-Oleum Stone Spray.

7. The base section measures 600 x 900mm. Draw a line 50mm in around the entire board and cut through the top board and padding. Cut out and remove the corners. Fold over along the cut line.

8. Heat up the glue gun and insert a corner bracket at each corner to hold the folded shape.

9. Position the dollhouse centrally on the base and mark the position for holding brackets at each outside corner – use 2 brackets at each corner. Remove the dollhouse and use the glue gun to attach the brackets.

10. Attach the melamine edging strip to visible edges with the glue gun and trim.

11. Cover the centre of the base with newspaper and masking tape and spray with Rust-Oleum Stone Spray. Remove newspaper and masking tape once dry.

*Buy Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders Warehouse.


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