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Make a lingerie bag for your underwear

For some time now I have wanting to make myself a lingerie bag. A little drawstring bag that I can use for my underwear for washing. I hate popping underwear into the laundry basket and this little bag keeps everything safe so that it can be washed separately. It's also a handy little bag for when you go on holiday or to visit friends.


You will need:

Sheer netting or weave, or voile
Sewing machine and accessories
fabric scraps and embelishments for flower
Scraps of cotton fabric or bias binding
Cotton rope

Here's how:

Cut the fabric to the size that you want to your bag. Mine is 20cm x 30cm. If you are using a weave you can use the pattern to cut a neat straight line.

Fold over a 1cm hem and then sew zig-zag stitch down the side and bottom of the bag.

I am using scraps of cotton to make the drawstring. I cut this to 20cm length and 3cm width and then folded over the sides to the centre to make a piece 1cm wide. Sew down the centre with zig-zag stitch.

To create the drawstring top, fold the fabric over the drawsting, leaving enough space to sew a zig-zag stitch underneath the drawstring. You will obviously leave a small gap open where you start and finish to be able to draw and loosen the drawstring.

So that the drawstring doesn't disappear inside the seam, I added some cotton knots to each end of the drawstring. Adds a nice effect as well.

Now all that's left is to make up your fabric flower and sew onto the front of the bag.


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