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How to prevent mildew and mould in your home

Rubson Stop Humidity unit uses refill tabs that absorb all the moisture from a room and it's amazing how fast this little device gets to work at doing just that.


A few years back I featured an article on Rubson Stop Humidity. An amazing device that requires no electricity or battery power. Rubson have now re-launched the product with a modern design that you can use in any room in a home. Plus, you can get scented refills for the unit as well. It's available in scented peach and lavender.

The new-look design means that you can now place the unit in almost any room in the home. And don't forget that you can also use Rubson Stop Humidity in a caravan or camper, especially when parked for the season. With it's ability to absorb humidity in a room, you can be assured that mould and mildew have little chance of success. Place a Rubson Stop Humidity in your bathroom and you don't have to worry about moisture and condensation - this small unit absorbs a lot of moisture. When it's no longer absorbing, simply replace with a new refill.

You can purchase the new Rubson Stop Humidity at Pick 'n Pay stores, as well as Game stores.

Janice Anderssen


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