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Gourmet fresh fruit Easter baskets

Here's an idea that I haven't seen before. These gourmet Easter baskets are filled with dipped strawberries and delivered fresh to your door. Or what about the fresh fruit Easter baskets... they look so yummy. I wouldn't want to eat them they look so gorgeous. Buy your gourmet fruit baskets here.


Sweet Daydream

The Sweet Daydream comes with strawberries designed with the beautiful colours of spring. An ideal bouquet for kids and Easter.

Simply Elegant

Fresh red juicy strawberries dipped in a rich dark chocolate and articulately hand-laced with white chocolate. An ideal gift for him.

Berry Deluxe

Berry Deluxe bouquet with sweet and succulent strawberries that are hand dipped in the richest milk, decadent dark, and heavenly white Belgian chocolate imaginable.  Each strawberry is artfully decorated with signature drizzle/lace and covered with tantalizing toppings that include: Snowflake, Flake dipped, double chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and a harvest of nuts.

Tropical Berry

The tropical berry bouquet has delicately laced strawberries with white chocolate and inserted into orange petals. Surrounded by juicy pineapple flowers that have been dipped in dark chocolate and coconut.

Kiwi Berry

A stunning bouquet with delicious honeydew, kiwi, hand-laced strawberries and gourmet chocolate covered strawberries.


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