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Paint a home inside and out

The Bosch PFS range is painting reinvented! Whatever the paint, easily achieve the best results. Fast. Efficient. Easy.


The Bosch PFS 3000 and PFS 5000 - with ALLPaint Technology - offer easy spraying of all types of paint, on any surface. The practical SDS system allows for fast refilling of paint and easy cleaning, while the ConstantFeed paint tank gives consistent paint supply - even when working overhead or close to the floor.

DIY enthusiasts can switch the PFS 3000-2 and PFS 5000 E paint spray systems to the relevant type of paint in only a few moves, whether you are applying waterbased wood glazes, thin-viscosity lacquers or thick-viscosity wall paints.

The shape of the paint tank ensures consistent paint supply to the gun in every work position - whether you are working overhead or down low. The fine paint spray mist achieves consistent results both on large surfaces and in small gaps and corners. Typical applications include spraying walls or structured surfaces such as brickwork and lacquering or glazing pieces of furniture and garden fences. Mobility is provided by a shoulder strap so the paint spray system can be carried, and a flexible air hose which is two metres long.

Use the Bosch PFS 3000-2 for spraying walls or structured surfaces such as brickwork, lacquering or glazing pieces of furniture and garden fences.

Use the Bosch PFS 5000 E for large projects such as painting entire apartments or houses - including the exterior ‒ from different walls, to wooden floors, through to tongue-and-groove panels.

Click here for more information on the Bosch PFS 3000-2 and Bosch PFS 5000 E Paint Spray Systems.


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