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Is your office striving to be more green?

This national campaign is designed to motivate and inspire you and your work colleagues to adopt behaviours which respect the environment.


The aim is to get everyone to look at how we can Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, and save!

Green Office Week is an annual opportunity to get us to focus on the survival of our planet by adopting behaviours which reduce our carbon footprint, as well as learning to be more aware of waste and educating us to recyle and reuse items and equipment.  

We all know, although some know more than others, that mother earth is under stress, and it’s not the politicians and governments alone that are going to save the planet’s resources –
it’s me and you doing something, no matter how insignificant it looks.

The time has come to encourage others to join us, and that is why this year's theme is Lead the Team. Keep it Green. Because it's important to take along with us those who may not know as much, or be as aware as we are of the need to actively do something to protect our planet from further damage.

To make it easy for everyone to participate we provide you with tips and ideas in the form of a toolkit. Click below to download the PDF.