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Secure your home

Burglars don’t always break into your home through external doors, they’ll also say "yes please" to an unsecured window, no matter how small or inaccessible it seems. It’s much easier than bashing their way noisily through the door.


Don’t be put off by the ugly old-fashioned options in many of our homes. There are many more designs to choose from these days, and Trellidor has some attractive suggestions.

See through security for an instant facelift  

Clear Guard screens have a 21stcentury style that will lift the street appeal of your home. It has a sleek aluminium frame and a high tensile stainless steel mesh insert that makes up the bulk of the security barrier.  It’s an elegant solution that lets you see right through the mesh, allowing you to appreciate your garden, mountain or sea view. 

Roller shutters for a contemporary alternative to burglar guards

We don’t mean heavy, noisy steel shutters.  What we really like are the lightweight aluminium versions.  They’re streamlined in looks, quiet to operate and can be remote controlled and fully integrated into your home’s automation system if you have one.  

Rollerstyle shutters look as good outside as inside and the choice of slats lets you choose between total darkness for a blissful night’s sleep or controlled light and air penetration when you want it.

Trellis-style barriers for a firm warning

The highly visible barriers that we all call ‘Trellidors’ whether they’re made by that company or not, are an effective ‘keep out’ warning to criminals and a good option for street-facing windows. 

They can be custom made for any sized window and can be made to fit unusual features such as curved glass brick windows.  

Because they match your security gates, they blend in and your home won’t look like a mismatch of security styles. 

Retractable window barriers for emergencies

It’s a horrible thought, but what if you get stuck inside a house on fire? Or you can’t escape through the doors because there are burglars in the house? 

Trellidor Retractable Security is the answer. 

Not many people think of it, but burglar bars that open are a good idea, not only as an emergency escape, but also to clean windows or open up the view when you want to let the glorious outdoors in. 

Get them installed on a couple of strategic windows for all these reasons. 

Pretty cottage panes for protection

Ordinary burglar guards can make cute cottage pane windows look extremely cluttered.  

An alternative here is burglar guards that match the size of the openings in your windows, and Cottage Guard burglar bars can do this for you.  

The units are custom made to fit each window and they can also be used to create a cottage pane effect for big expanses of glass.  

There are few burglar proofing products on the market that can challenge the strength of this range. 

Another point to note is that although all these window security solutions have a standard palette of colours, for a little extra cost they can be powder coated in a colour of your choice. 

The standard colours, however, are all fairly neutral and can either make your barriers hardly noticeable or can be used to make a bold statement.  

For more information, visit Trellidor