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Pick 'n Pay Smart Shopping Card

The Pick 'n Pay smart shopper card is a rewards card that gives you cash back on just about everything in your trolley. Simply swipe your card and for every rand spent, we give you 1 smart point. Plus there are ongoing special offers in store and personalised vouchers for you to earn additional smart points even faster.


Once you’ve collected 1 000 smart points (1 000 points equals R10), you can switch in units of 100 points (100 points equals R1). You can choose whether you’d like to put your rewards towards your next shop or let us donate to a charity on your behalf. Customers can also earn bonus points as an additional benefit on selected products or promotions. In addition, discretionary points will be allocated as rewards or special occasion bonuses and selected products earn double, triple or bonus points throughout the year.

How to apply for a Smart Shopper card

There are a few things required to get started:

- South African ID number or passport number (for non-SA citizens) for when customers first sign up and whenever they switch points, change details or manage their cards.

- Cellphone number and/or email address is also needed to give customers the full reward owed to them. No details will ever be passed to a third party for any reason whatsoever.

Terms and conditions are simple and made clear on application forms and online. The most important of these is - without a card, points can’t be earned, so the card must be swiped for every shop to earn the points. Another condition is with respect to returns: if goods are returned, the points are re-claimed.

How does a Smart Shopper card work?

  • There are no sign-up fees, no service charges, no admin costs and no credit checks. Remember that this is a rewards programme - not a credit card.

  • You never pay in; you simply stand to benefit from points and rewards tailored to you.

  • For every rand spent Pick n Pay gives you one smart point.

  • Smart points will be credited to your smart shopper account within 5 days of purchase.

  • Once you’ve collected 1000 smart points, you can switch them for cash back on your card to spend in store.

  • You will also receive unique special offers, including regular smart shopping sprees.

How does the Smart Shopper Card compare to other reward programmes?

One point per rand spent is comparable to other local loyalty programme such as Clicks, Body Shop and Exclusive Books. In addition to these base points, customers will also earn bonus points through promotional offers and quarterly shopping sprees.

What stores accept Smart Shopper cards?

All PnP Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Family Stores, Clothing, Express, Liquor and Pharmacy stores are included. Online shopping will follow in a couple of months.