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How to prevent mildew and mould in your home

Rubson Stop Humidity unit uses refill tabs that absorb all the moisture from a room and it's amazing how fast this little device gets to work at doing just that.


Rubson have now re-launched the product with a modern design that you can use in any room in a home. Plus, you can get scented refills for the unit as well. It's available in scented peach and lavender.

The new-look design means that you can now place the unit in almost any room in the home. And don't forget that you can also use Rubson Stop Humidity in a caravan or camper, especially when parked for the season. With it's ability to absorb humidity in a room, you can be assured that mould and mildew have little chance of success.

Place a Rubson Stop Humidity in your bathroom and you don't have to worry about moisture and condesation - this small unit absorbs a lot of moisture. When it's no longer absorbing, simply replace with a new refill.

Do your cupboard have a damp smell? Place Rubson Stop Humidity in the cupboard and see what happens!

If you think how much it would cost to install an extractor fan, Rubson Stop Humidity is definitely an easy and simple way to reduce high moisture or condesation in a room.

You can purchase the new Rubson Stop Humidity at Pick 'n Pay stores, as well as Game stores.