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Genuine suede requires regular maintenance with a suede brush and suede cleaner, both of which are usually available at dry cleaners or shoe repair stores.


Where suede has lost some of its texture, perhaps on chair armrests, buffing with a suede brush in circular motion will generally restore the finish.

Tears and stitching

If the stitching that joins pieces on a chair or sofa has broken, use a saddle stitch to form a double row of threads through the existing holes if possible. You will need strong needles available from craft and upholstery suppliers. Repair small tears with a patch of suede large enough to be coated with PVA adhesive all around the edge of the damage. Colour any of the exposed patch with a tinted leather polish, poke the patch through the tear and stick to the back of the surrounding suede.

Caring for Suede

Suede, the rough undersurface of leather is handsome and more durable than it appears. It should, however, be kept away from sunlight, excessive heat and moisture. And, if you live in a dry climate, make sure your indoor air is not excessively dry, which can damage suede.