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A child-proof holiday home

Children are instantly drawn to glittering tree lights, ornaments and decorations. Here are a few safe options to take into consideration when decorating a home for the holidays.



Choose ornaments and baubles that are made of plastic rather than those of glass or metal. They are far less likely to break or have sharp removable parts. If the top of baubles easily come off, apply a small amount of clear glue to ensure they stay on and cannot be accidentally swallowed by tiny tots.

Steer away from decorations made to look like sweets and candy. A small child won't know the difference.

Tree Lights

Make sure that tree lights are strung out of reach and that extension cords or plug sockets are well protected. Look for LED tree lights that are moulded as a complete unit rather than those that have removable glass bulbs. Or choose a tree that has fibreoptic LED lights incorporated into the design.

If possible, wrap the tree lights from the top down, so that the electrical cord can be mounted up high out of reach.

The Tree

Once decorated with lights and baubles, a Christmas tree can be a disaster waiting to happen. Place it where foot traffic won't knock it over. In a home with small tots and toddlers try to fence off the tree to prevent accidents. Small children will immediately want to touch and the last thing you need is for the tree to fall over.

If you are using an artificial tree, please check with the manufacturer that the tree is lead free. Older trees still contain lead.

Greenery and Garlands

Before you deck the halls, holly and ivy may be festive, but these holiday greens are poisonous. So be sure to keep them safely out of reach or avoid using them altogether.