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DIY ride-on toys

A piece of pine, a bucket and a few odds and ends are all that you need to make a ride-on toy for your son or daughter.

This is a project for mom or dad to make with the kids.


You will need:

Largish plastic bucket
Piece of pine cut to slightly larger than the size of the bucket
Nylon rope
Cable ties
4 castor wheels and screws
Drill/Driver and asstd drill and screw bits
Orbital sander plus 120- and 220-grit sandpaper
Cutting pliers or strong scissors
Stick on eyes and other embellishments to finish off


Here's how:

1. Sand the pine to round off the corners and any sharp edges. Start with 120-grit for intensive sanding and then finish off with 220-grit for a nice smooth finish.

2. Use a 6mm HSS bit to drill two holes in the base of the bucket. Insert nylon rope to make the handle - tie a large knot on each edge and burn slightly with a lighter to ensure that the nylon rope does not come undone.

3. Fit the bucket over the top of the pine board and use a drill/driver and 8mm HSS bit to drill holes through the bucket and the board so that you can insert cable ties to fasten the two sections firmly together.

4. Screw the castors onto the base with the screw provided, or screws no longer than 15mm in length.