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Make a butterfly wreath

Little girls love butterflies and fairies. You can make this butterfly wreath to decorate a little girl's bedroom. If you want to make a fairy wreath - or any other type of themed wreath - change the image.


Start with an old book. You can pick up cheap books at flea markets, fetes and secondhand shops.

Draw an outline of a butterfly - this can be detailed and perfect or a simple doodle - it is up to you!

Fill with paint. I used watercolours so that the words from my page would show through but you could also use acrylic paint, markers, coloured pencils, etc.




Create enough butterflies to fill the surface of your wreath.


Cut out the butterflies with sharp craft scissors, leaving a little bit of the extra page showing around the edges.



For the ring I recycled a foam Hoopla ring. Spray with Bostik spray adhesive.


Use strips of the pages to wrap around the wreath.





Once the wreath is covered, begin to attach your butterflies to the surface of the wreath.

I applied Sticky Dots just down the middle of my butterfly and glued down.

Layer and stack the butterflies along the entire surface.

Bend and fold the wings to give more dimension.



I purchased Sticky Dots at Westpack at Lifestyle Garden Centre, but you can try Art & craft and hobby shops.







source alisa burke