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Herb stones



Whether it's the dead of winter or the middle of a blooming summer, there's always colour in the garden (and a story to tell) with a hand-painted stone. You can transform a rock into a plant or row marker, a message rock or simply dress up a planting bed.


You will need:

Smooth rocks or pebbles
Craft paint in assorted colors
Small paintbrush
Colourful embellishments - or a Dremel hot glue gun and glitter glue
Bostik clear adhesive

Here's how:



Step 1

Wash and dry the rock before you paint it.


Step 2

Use the small paintbrush and craft acrylic to paint out the name of a herb or plant and use different coloured paint to add designs.





Step 3

Apply a small blob of glue to the back of your embellishments and then place them carefully on the stone or pebble.

Leave this to dry.