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Paper plate frisbees



Summer means spending time outside enjoying the nice weather and hanging out with friends. Sit down and make these fun frisbees from paper plates, and even on days when it’s too hot, you can play a summertime game! Because these frisbees are made from paper plates, they are reasonably safe to use inside and are a great solution for little kids who have trouble holding and throwing a standard plastic frisbee disc.


You will need:

2 paper plates for each frisbee
colourful markers or crayons
clear packing tape


Here's how:


1. Place both plates right side up, as if you were going to put food on them.

Cover them with clear packing tape, allowing the excess tape to overlap, but do not fold it over.

Use the scissors to cut off the excess around the plate.







2. Turn the plates upside down and use makers or crayons to decorate as you wish.






3. Place bot plates together so that the decorated sides are facing out.

Holding the plates together, cut a circle out of the centre of each plate.


4. Place both plates, decorated side facing up, onto the work surface. Using the clear packing tape, cover the decorated side, over lapping the centre circle. Fold the edges over through the center circle and trim the edges of the outside of the plate.



5. Place the two plates together, decorative side facing outward, and tape all of the edges together.