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Make Christmas tree decorations



This simple project is a fun craft to do with the kids over the school holidays and a great Christmas tree decoration. Decorative balls like this cost almost nothing to make and you can make them in different colours.


You will need:

Wool (I used 4 different colours)
Bag of balloons
White craft glue:

Here's how:



Step 1

Make a mixture of glue and water to make it easier to spread around the wool.

Don't add too much water - just enough to make it a little thinner.


Step 2

Only blow up the balloons until they are about 5cm in diameter.


Step 3

Pull out a big bunch of wool from the ball itself. It is helpful to wrap it around your hand holding onto the end as to avoid tangling of the wool. Dip the wool into the glue/water mixture making it all wet. Squeeze it out before wrapping.

Step 4

Begin wrapping the wet wool around the small balloon. Wrap it in every which way.


Step 5

Once you have covered up a good majority of the balloon, cut off the wool and tuck the end under.

Step 6

Roll the wrapped balloon one more time in the water glue mixture, and then squeeze out any excess.

Step 7

Once all your balls are completely squeezed out, let them dry with the balloons inflated inside overnight. This is an important step.


Step 8

In the morning of the next day, the wool should be stiff and hard. If it is still damp, I would give it a second day. If it’s dry, you can pop the balloon! You should be left with a colourful decorative ball.

Ask mom if she has any old earrings that you can use the hang the wool balls onto the Christmas tree. Or hang them in your bedroom on a long piece of string.