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Go fly a kite


What’s better than heading down to the park or beach on a bright summer day and flying a kite? Well…how about flying a kite that you’ve made yourself! With these super simple paper crafting kite instructions, you can make dozens of fun kites to fly high!


You will need:

Patterned paper or wrapping paper
Cut out shapes
Sticky Dots
Bamboo skewer
Craft scissors


Here's how:

1. Use craft scissors to cut a piece of patterned paper or wrapping paper to 250 x 300mm in size.

2. If mom has a decorative punch you can use this to trim around the the edges.



3. Fold the paper in half, forming a rectangle shape.

4. Fold one edge of the paper diagonally, then fold one side out forming a kite shape.

5. Use Sticky Dots to attach a bamboo skewer to help maintain shape.

6. Fold the “spine” of the kite several times to ensure that it stands on it’s own – then punch one hole, and adhere string or ribbon.


Have fun with different colors and patterns of paper, and a variety of punched shapes. This is a great project for kids to complete – adults simply need to help fold. Enjoy your kite flying!