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Recycled tin can robots


I came across these fun recycled tin can robots on the Internet and thought it would be a really fun craft for the kids. To make the robots you will need lots of items that you will find in and around the home - ask mom or dad to help you source everything you need.


You will need:

Bostik clear glue
Empty, clean tins. If you have lots of tins you can make more robots


Plenty of accessories to add features to your robots. This can be almost anything that you can find lying around. There is sure to be plenty of useful items in the garage.




Here's how:

There are no rules, use all the accessories that you find to make your tin can robots are funky or scary as you like!

Use glue to attach all the accessories to the tin cans.

If mom or dad has a hot glue gun they can even help you to make your robots.