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Make your own Pole Pony

Make a pole pony with mom or dad's help with cutting out and drilling and then decorate it yourself.


You will need:

20mm broom handle
Piece of board or timber for the head
Wood glue
Craft paint and paintbrushes
Spray adhesive or craft glue
Scrap piece of fake fur material


Here's how:

1. Ask mom or dad to cut out the pieces you need for the head. You need the shape of the head and two pieces for the bottom of the neck. There is a diagram at the bottom of this page.




2. Use wood glue to stick the two small pieces onto the bottom of the neck.

Make sure that you put the pieces in the right place before you stick everything together.

You need to let the glue dry overnight before you carry on.





3. Use a paintbrush to paint the head of the horse in your favourite colour. You can use any craft acrylic paint to do this. Let the paint dry.


4. For this next step mom or dad will need to help you to drill a hole in the neck with a 20mm spade bit.

This hole is for the pole and it needs to be glued in place.




5. Use spray contact adhesive or craft glue to attach the fake fur for the horse's mane.


Make sure that you stick down the edges all the way around.






Now you can use paint pens or craft paint to make your pony pretty. Use bright paint colours like red, blue, yellow and green.