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Make a Cardboard Rocket

Recycle toilet roll holders and cardboard tubes to make this space rocket for your bedroom.



You will need:

Cardboard tubes
Craft paint in blue, red, yellow and white
Masking tape
Bostik clear glue
Dremel multitool and cutter blade or craft knife














Here's how:


1. Cut pieces of cardboard for the rocket fins. Fold the cardboard in half to make it stronger.


2. Use a Dremel multitool and cutter to make a slit in each toilet roll holder and push in the rocket fins.


Ask mom or dad for their help in cutting the slits, as this can be dangerous.






3. You also need to cut 4 slits in the main rocket so that you can push the rocket fins onto the main rocket. Use sellotape to fasten the slits down inside the tubes.


This is what you rocket should look like after you have made the slits and fitted the rocket fins.











4. Use a CD to draw a circle in a piece or card and cut a line so that you can fold the circle into 5 cones for the rocket tops. Stick down with sellotape.







5. Put some glue around the top of the rockets and on the inside of each rocket top to attach the tops to the rockets. Let this dry overnight.


6. Now you can paint your rocket in your favourite colours.