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Cardboard castle

Hey kids! Ask mom not to throw away cereal boxes and toilet roll holders so that you can make your own cardboard castle.



You will need:

Cardboard boxes of different sizes
Rust-Oleum textured spray paint
Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint
Sticki Dots


Here's how:


1. Make sure the boxes are clean and then use a piece of sellotape to seal the lid tightly closed.


2. Use sticki dots to place different sized boxes on top of each other to create the shape for your castle.


3. Take your boxes into the garage or out into the garden so that you can lightly spray them with textured spray paint. Leave the paint to dry.






4. Use scissors to cut out the turrets for your new cardboard castle.











5. Put all the rolls onto a long stick to make spraying easier. Spray paint in a nice bright colour.








6. Use smaller cardboard boxes to cut out windows and doors for your castle and then spray them with metallic spray paint, or in another colour.







7. Assemble all the pieces for your cardboard castle. You can also use sticki dots to attach all the pieces.











Decorate your cardboard castle anyway that you want. We used toothpicks and small flags for a nice finishing touch.