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Make a garden chair from an old pallet

Grab mom or dad for their help to make a garden chair from an old pallet. You can ask at your local hardware store - or any store - if they have pallets that they don't need any more. Pallets are used to carry heavy items such as tiles, bricks and timber.



You will need to take the pallets apart so that you can move the pieces around to make the chair below.

The chair is fastened together with 3 x 25mm wood screws - so you will need a cordless screwdriver or drill/driver to make the task easier.







Don't use a hammer for this project, it will be much stronger if you join all the pieces together with screws.


If you need to cut any of the board, ask mom or dad to help you get started with a handsaw, or let them cut the pieces for you with a jigsaw.

Don't attempt to use the saw on your own - it can be dangerous and tricky. The boards need to be clamped down to make them safe for cutting. Always ask for your mom or dad's help when using any type of tools.