how to mount extractor extraction fan

Mount extractor fan

Time to put up the extractor fan and work towards finishing the kitchen backsplash project

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modular cube childs desk

Basic cube desk

This modular cube desk is perfect for a child's bedroom - boy or girl. Stack them up and add a desktop and stool.

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no sew faux austrian blinds

No-sew blinds

You will love this no-sew faux Austrian blind alternative. All you need is a glue gun and some fabric!

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easter scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are educational and great fun when the Easter egg hunt is over.

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garden love seat

Garden love seat

This slatted garden bench makes the perfect love seat for a garden and is very easy to make.

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painting tips from prominent paints

Seal with a kiss

Wood projects require special care for ultimate protection. Prominent Woodpro seals with a kiss.

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painting tips from prominent paints

Painting tips

Here are some handy painting tips that will help make any painting project easier.

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handyman direct

Handyman Direct

Finding a reliable contractor can be challenging. That's why Handyman Direct are a lifesaver.

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rag rug from old t-shirts

T-shirt rug

Put old summer t-shirts to good use and make a rag rug for your home. Dye t-shirts with food colouring.

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Fingerprint Easter eggs - fun kids craft

Fingerprint Easter eggs

A fun project for kids on holidays or weekends. Inexpensive, fun and safe if you use hard boiled eggs.

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rustic bookshelf

Rustic bookshelf

Use pine or reclaimed wood to make this rustic bookshelf that can be modified to any length easily.

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band saw jewellery or trinket boxes

Band saw boxes

Alex Harris, a young woodworker, shows  that not all woodworking is for the older generation.

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re-purpose a worn out beanbag into a comfy pouff

Re-purpose beanbag

Re-purpose an old and worn beanbag into a practical pouff in the fabric of your choice.

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decorex durban pop up market

Great Idea sale

Decorex Durban has set up a pop up night market and Friday Great Idea Sale for one day only.

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practical desk for child or teen bedroom

Practical desk

This trendy desk is made using 16mm MDF from your local Builders and painted with a Bosch PFS spray gun.

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earth hour 2015

Earth Hour 2015

Earth Hour now engages more than 162 countries. This year, Earth Hour is on Saturday, 28 March at 20:30.

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simple picture clamp frame

Simple clamp holder

This simple picture frame clamp holder makes gluing picture frames together much easier.

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tools4wood competition

March competition

To enter, write a short article for the Tools4Wood Encyclopaedia of Woodworking

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colourful pencil necklace

PC printed fabric

Use a PC printer to print designs on cotton fabric to make your own unique accessories.

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colourful pencil necklace

Colourful necklace

Here's a fun way to upcycle coloured pencils into a colourful necklace. Make for yourself or give as a gift

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recycle glass food jars

Recycled food jars

Recycle glass food jars into colourful vases with Bostik glass decor and Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint

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architecture za 2015

Architecture ZA 2015

SA cities are experiencing a growing influx of people which has a massive impact on the quality of urban life.

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cash for clutter

Cash for clutter

Most homes have cupboards and rooms filled with clutter - organise these and earn a bit of extra cash.

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laminate floors

Install laminate floor

We show you step-by-step how to install laminate wood flooring as an alternative to carpets or tiles.

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perfect mitre joints

Baby steps

These baby step stools are fun to make and small children can use then as a seat or as a step stool.

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wooden picture frame

Wood photo frame

Use PAR pine, pine moulding and Woodoc to make a wooden picture or photo frame.

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tongue and groove bedside cabinet

T&G Bedside Cabinet

This bedside cabinet is easy to make and won't cost you a fortune at around R450 for the materials.

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perfect mitre joints

Perfect mitre joints

Mitre joints are handy but getting them perfect can be a challenge. We offer some handy tips.

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diy armchair tray

Armchair tray

After posting this on facebook, readers requested a step-by-step project, so here it is...

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cardboard lampshade

Cardboard lampshade

Turn a plain cardboard box into a  quick and easy lampshade for any room in a home.

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march garden

March in the garden

Autumn is the time for some maintenance in the garden to prepare for winter.

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vertical planter

Vertical planter

Make a vertical planter with blocks of reclaimed wood, threaded rods, nuts, and some mason jars.

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keyboard storage tray

Keypad holder

The ideal solution for the messy desk - have everything close at hand and easy to find.

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cement candle holder

Cement candle holder

Grab a box of Polycell Rockset and some yoghurt cups and make these cement candle holders. 

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fold down craft table

Fold down craft table

By request, here's how to make a drop-down craft table similar to the one shown here - with a few modifications.

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repair concrete

Repair concrete

Rather than remove and replace, we offer tips on how to make repairs to damaged or flaking concrete.

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fold down table

Fold-down table

Make this wall-mounted table using laminated pine, marine plywood or 16mm MDF.

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rainbow jelly

Rainbow desserts

Deciding on desserts for a party can be challenging, but there's one dessert that all kids enjoy...rainbow jelly!

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woodoc water-borne

Woodoc water-borne

Woodoc have done it again, with a range of Woodoc water-borne exterior sealers that offer maximum protection.

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