rustoleium fluorescent neon spray paint

Fluorescent hues

Fluorescent spray paints add instant colour to decor accessories, walls and trim, and even furniture.

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french polishing uisng shellac

French polishing

The process of French Polishing is the method that involves coating wood with a solution of shellac.

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chopping board or serving platter with food colouring

Pine serving platters

Using the new Skil Multi Saw and pine offcuts to make up colourful cutting boards or serving platters.

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skil 5330 aa multi saw

Skil multi saw

The new compact Skil Multi Saw can cut wood, board products, ceramic tiles, aluminium and plastics with ease.

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old drawers for underbed storage

Underbed storage

Here's an easy way to dress up plain drawers and re-purpose them for underbed storage. 

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button bookmark gift idea for mothers day

Easy gift idea

Here's a very easy Mother's Day gift idea that the kids can make and mom will love.  

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recycle glass food jars with glass stain

Glass stain

You can use glass stain to dress up inexpensive glassware or recycle glass jars into colourful containers.  

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plastic figurines make a fun bowl

Figurine bowl

After making a figurine lamp, here's another way to re-purpose old toys - make a fun bowl.  

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easy wine rack, bookshelf or display unit

Easy shelf

You can use as a wine rack, a wall-mounted bookshelf, for storage or as a display shelf.

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diy divas dremel workshop

Dremel workshop

At the DIY Divas Dremel workshop everyone used tools to engrave on glass and make a trinket box.

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diy swedish fire log for winter potjie

Swedish fire log

Turn a tree stump into a Swedish fire log and heat up the potjie on a chilly winter evening with family or friends.

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modern elegant paper lamp shades

Paper shades

These paper walls lights are the most affordable and easy to make lights you can add to your home.

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pretty painted birdhouse with rustoleum 2x spray paint

Brilliant birdhouses

Rust-Oleum 2X is available in brilliant colours - satin or gloss - to add a splash of colour to ordinary projects.

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rustoleum neverwet

Rust-Oleum NeverWet

NeverWet liquid repelling spray guards surfaces against corrosion caused by exposure to the elements.

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action figurine table lamp for boy's bedroom

Action figure lamp

Put your son's old action figures back in action and use them to decorate a plain table lamp.

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recycle CDs into shimmering bathroom or kitchen splashback

CD backsplash

Recycle those old CDs to create a shimmering bathroom or kitchen backsplash.

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use wood glue and woodoc gel stain to make your own wood art

DIY wood art

I used left over pine, wood glue and Woodoc gel stain to make my own unique wood art.

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arm knit a cosy throw or blanket without knitting needles

Arm knit a throw

In this project we show you how to arm knit a warm, cosy throw blanket for cold winter evenings.

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diy option for knockdown furniture

DIY knockdown

As our natural resources become increasingly scarce, we need to look at alternatives.

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practical and pretty storage drawers

Pretty storage

This practical storage unit is made using offcuts of pine and wood slats from an old wood crate.

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fit a door sweep or draught excluder to keep out rain and cold draughts

Fit a door sweep

Keep out rain and cold draughts and prevent heat loss, adding towards an insulated home.

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diy garden table with centre channel

Pine garden table

This pine garden table has an aluminium centre channel or condiments or fresh herbs or colourful plants.

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revamp furniture with rustoleum 2X spray paint

Rust-Oleum revamp

I was asked to transform a plain, black Butler's tray using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in French lilac.

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spool cables and pallets for outdoor furniture

Cable spool chair

I love the idea of using a plywood or pine cable spool and turning this into furniture for a deck, garden or patio.

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recycle pool floater into hanging plant holder

Recycled planter

Reycle a plastic pool floater into a hanging plant container and add a splash of colour to a garden or patio.

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generator or inverter to supply power to home during load shedding

Generator or Inverter?

With the reality of load shedding, the conversation has moved from ‘Why Eskom’ to ‘How do I get power?’

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turn pool into sunken patio or for rain water harvesting

Pool = sunken patio

Converting a pool into sunken patio or using for rain water harvesting is  growing in popularity.

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paint furniture with home made chalk paint

Paint with chalk paint

Chalk paint is one of the easiest paints to make at home and you can make chalk paint in an unlimited variety of colours.

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heart cut out clothes rail for little girls bedroom

Adorable clothes rail

This adorable clothing rail with heart cut outs would add a finishing touch to any little girl's bedroom.

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pebble or rock dry river bed for water drainage

Pebble river bed

A pebble bed is an easy way of coping with excess storm water and adds a new dimension to the garden.

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rustic bookshelf using bosch router

DIY bookshelf

This rustic pine bookshelf is easy to assemble and has no visible screws, thanks to a jig and Bosch router.

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concrete leaf for garden ornament or water feature

Made with love

Engrave on glass and turn a recycled glass food jar into a gift filled with home-baked cookies.

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concrete leaf for garden ornament or water feature

Concrete leaf

This concrete leaf looks gorgeous in the garden. Use it for decoration, as a water feature, or to feed birds.

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garden love seat

Garden love seat

This slatted garden bench makes the perfect love seat for a garden and is very easy to make.

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painting tips from prominent paints

Seal with a kiss

Wood projects require special care for ultimate protection. Prominent Woodpro seals with a kiss.

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